HRD 5.4
HRD 5.4

HRD Canada reveals the 24 young professionals on this year’s list who have each worked on impressive projects and can demonstrate both quantitative and qualitative results from initiatives they have played a key role in creating and driving

  • HRD 4.1
    HRD 4.1

    Who are the movers and shakers of 2016? Find out who made the grade in HRD’s annual Hot List

  • HRD 3.5
    HRD 3.5

    HR’s next generation. Find out who made the grade in HRD’s 2015 Rising Stars list.

  • HRD 3.4
    HRD 3.4

    In the frontline - HR leaders talk strategy

  • HRD 3.3
    HRD 3.3

    Global leaders on HR

  • HRD 2015 Education Guide
    HRD 2015 Education Guide

    From short courses to MBAs and coaching, corporate learning has never had so many options. HRD takes a look at what you need to know in 2015.

  • HRD 3.2
    HRD 3.2

    Hot List 2015

  • HRD 3.1
    HRD 3.1

    3M's HR Success Story

  • HRD 2.6
    HRD 2.6

    HRD examines Cirque du Soleil's success and how corporations create high-performance work environments.