HRD 6.04
HRD 6.04

HRDC spotlights 22 up-and-coming professionals who are poised to become the ext great leaders of the HR function

  • HRD 4.4
    HRD 4.4

    Who are the HR superstars of 2016? HRD spotlights 31 young professionals who are leading HR into 2017 and beyond

  • HRD 4.3
    HRD 4.3

    HRD chats with the CEOs of Google Canada, Freshii and the City of Calgary to get a sense of the challenges and opportunities in a VUCA world

  • HRD 4.2
    HRD 4.2

    Three top HR directors weigh in on everything from the increasing number of millennials in the workforce to the evolving nature of benefits administration

  • HRD 2016 Education Guide
    HRD 2016 Education Guide

    From MBAs to MOOCs, HRD presents its annual guide to corporate learning

  • HRD 4.1
    HRD 4.1

    Who are the movers and shakers of 2016? Find out who made the grade in HRD’s annual Hot List

  • HRD 3.5
    HRD 3.5

    HR’s next generation. Find out who made the grade in HRD’s 2015 Rising Stars list.

  • HRD 3.4
    HRD 3.4

    In the frontline - HR leaders talk strategy

  • HRD 3.3
    HRD 3.3

    Global leaders on HR