HRD 5.4
HRD 5.4

HRD Canada reveals the 24 young professionals on this year’s list who have each worked on impressive projects and can demonstrate both quantitative and qualitative results from initiatives they have played a key role in creating and driving

  • HRD 5.3
    HRD 5.3

    HRD Canada spoke to three top CEOs to find out how they’re using innovative people strategies to drive their organizations’ success. Read on to gain insights from Xref, Whirlpool Corporation and BlueShore Financial

  • HRD 5.2
    HRD 5.2

    HRD invited four HR leaders to a roundtable event at Toronto’s exclusive Spoke Club. The panel discussed a wide range of timely HR topics, including the importance of CEO relationships, how they’re using analytics and the best ways to manage HR disruptors

  • HRD Educations Guide 2017
    HRD Educations Guide 2017

    From the impact of artificial intelligence to the skills of tomorrow, HRD presents its annual guide to the trends that are shaping corporate L&D functions in Canada

  • HRD 5.1
    HRD 5.1

    HRD’s annual Hot List brings together the best of the best in the industry – an impressive group of 30 high achievers in the HR profession

  • HRD 4.4
    HRD 4.4

    Who are the HR superstars of 2016? HRD spotlights 31 young professionals who are leading HR into 2017 and beyond

  • HRD 4.3
    HRD 4.3

    HRD chats with the CEOs of Google Canada, Freshii and the City of Calgary to get a sense of the challenges and opportunities in a VUCA world

  • HRD 4.2
    HRD 4.2

    Three top HR directors weigh in on everything from the increasing number of millennials in the workforce to the evolving nature of benefits administration

  • HRD 2016 Education Guide
    HRD 2016 Education Guide

    From MBAs to MOOCs, HRD presents its annual guide to corporate learning