Free DISC personality trait test

Steadiness; S

  • Your focus:

    Slow but steady wins the race

  • Motivation:

    Security and being part of the team

  • Fear of:

    Being excluded and insecurity

Your score shows that you have a high proportion of Steadiness (S) in your natural make-up. This means that you fall within the “inclusive” dimension of leadership. Inclusive leaders are natural-born listeners who are sympathetic to their core. As a result, you are gentle, accepting, and patient with those around you. You enjoy maintaining the status quo, and as a result, experience less stress overall than your achievement-focused counterparts. Although inclusive leaders do not usually initiate relationships, you are extremely loyal and dependable once they do develop. 40% of the world has their highest score in the S personality trait.
Inclusive leaders are inherently patient, and as a result, reliability and dependability drives everything that you do. As someone who scores high in this dimension, you are cautious and methodical, and provide a stable environment for those who work under you. You think carefully before making any major decision, and take strides to include everyone’s insights so all parties feel accommodated. As a result, you create teams who succeed by working harmoniously and in sync towards a common goal.

In a nutshell: You are patient, sympathetic, and methodical, and create a blissful workplace by making sure everyone feels included. Just be careful that your peaceful tendencies don’t become too resistant to change, as that can stifle innovation.
With a personality that says “what can I do to help get the job done” S type personalities are well suited to being the operations person in the company. You will be naturally suited to a career which demands someone who can work well with others. Your amiable and thorough nature will lead you towards many positions that require your personality type such as many medical roles, an investigator or even a personal trainer. Customer service, Human Resources and teaching are also all possibilities.
Famous inclusive personalities include Alan Thicke and Michael J. Fox.
Inclusive leaders provide a stable and supportive workplace for their employees, and as a result, do not have many traits that need enhancing. You are loyal, patient, and helpful, but the converse of this is that you can be fearful of change and inadvertently withhold opportunities from your supervisees. Also, your peaceful nature can sometimes be perceived by others as indecision or lack of confidence. Always use firm language and be authoritative in conveying decisions you have made to others.