Free DISC personality trait test

Influence; I

  • Your focus:

    People and popularity I

  • Motivation:

    Being recognized and liked I

  • Fear of:

    Rejection I

You have a high score on the Influence (I) scale, which in leadership terms means you fall under the “energizing” dimension. You are an enthusiastic leader who is brimming with spirit, optimism, and the desire to socialize with everyone around you. Energizing leaders are encouraging by nature, and as a result, you provide continuous inspiration and have a knack for persuasion and idea selling. You also succeed in making others feel appreciated by celebrating their achievements and accomplishments. Overall you are a team player and function best as part of a group, going to great lengths to avoid conflict. You are in good company with close to 28% of the population scoring highest in the I personality trait.
As an energizing leader, you excel in management since you possess the warm-hearted demeanor necessary for building long-lasting, trust-based business relationships. Seeing the best in others allows you to create high-functioning, engaged teams who constantly feel appreciated for their input. While you are very persuasive and able to produce legions of loyal followers, be aware that your social tendencies may result in procrastination and a distracted workplace.

In a nutshell: You are a gregarious risk-taker who inspires supervisees to showcase their natural talents. Just avoid becoming too trustful of employees, who may take advantage of your inherent easygoingness.
Energizing types work best in roles that take advantage of their extensive communication skills, such as human resource leadership, PR, or training and teaching. Insurance sales or other sales roles that need you to interact and lead people to the right decisions are also strong possibilities. Both hospitality and tourism are also suitable to your personality profile.
Wondering who your leadership most resembles in the celebrity world?

Famous Energizing personalities include Seth Rogan and Phil Hartman.
Although you are likely to be a great source of positive energy, you may also tend to wear your feelings on your sleeve, find it difficult to concentrate on tasks, and may not necessarily think things all the way through. To be the most effective that you can be, you will need to work closely on your time management and be more assertive. Also, try to be more critical with your judgment of others – you tend to see the best in everyone, even when it’s not actually there. And DON’T go off on tangents in meetings – it’s in your nature but do your best.