DISC - Self Assessment

Influence with Steadiness (IS)

  • Your focus:

    People and popularity I

    Slow but steady gets the job done right S

  • Motivation:

    Being recognized and liked I

    Being part of the team and Security S

  • Fear of:

    Rejection I

    Being excluded S

As someone who scores high in Influence with underlying Steadiness traits (IS), you fall within the “counseling” dimension of leadership. You are characterized by your warmth, empathy, and problem-solving nature. You provide a sense of calmness and tranquility to a workplace, and are frequently seen as a mediator or coach.

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As a counseling leader, you excel in relationship building and helping to achieve team business goals by bringing out the talent in others. You possess the social skills inherent in the “i” dimension along with the empathy and listening abilities implicit in Steadiness, which makes you a natural coach and instructor. You will always try to find solutions that are win-win for everybody involved, and this makes others want to follow you and be part of your peaceful work environment.

In a nutshell: You are a warm, compassionate, sympathetic leader who manages best by instructing and guiding. Just be careful not to let workers take advantage of your diplomatic mindset.
Counseling leaders excel in positions that require precision and meticulous attention to detail, such as financial planning and investment advisement. Careers with a strong bias towards people rather than tasks will suit you. You will also do well in jobs with multiple interruptions where your natural abilities should help you maintain a friendly interface with those around you.
Famous counselors include Michael Cera and Alexander Graham Bell.
You are so adept at guiding others and facilitating a peaceful group dynamic, it is hard to find areas in which you need to improve. Your employees are happy to work under you and your colleagues are happy to work with you. Just be careful that your good nature is not taken advantage of, and that you do not become too accommodating of others. As much as you dislike conflict, remember that it is best to confront workplace issues before they overwhelm office relations.