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Recruiting and Engaging Gen Y

HRM TV talked to Ceridian's strategic recruitment initiatives manager Maurice Fernandes and HR consultant Donna Morano, from Brown Consulting, about how to attract, engage and retain Gen Y workers.

Video transcript below:

Caitlin Nobes, HRM TV
Caitlin Nobes:
 Gen Y workers are already 20% of the work force and they are in high demand.  So how can your company set itself apart.  I’m Caitlin Nobes and today on HRM TV we are looking at recruiting, engaging and retaining Gen Y staff.

Gen Y are well educated, technologically capable and great at team work.  But they are also looking for jobs in different ways and looking for different things once they get there.  So how can an employer set themselves apart?  One key factor is use of technology, don’t just advertise jobs on social media, give your Gen Y applicants the chance to ask questions about the company and the role through Facebook or Twitter.  You can also show applicants where the position might take them in a company and how the company values match their own.

Maurice Fernandes, Ceridian Canada
Maurice Fernandes:
 It’s important for companies to articulate what the future is for Gen Y employees within the organisation.  You know what are the clear paths to upward mobility or future opportunities within the organisation.  It’s also important for companies to better contextualise what their social policies are in regards to green initiatives or corporate social responsibilities.  
Caitlin Nobes:  Once you’ve got them onboard, Gen Y are looking for constant challenges in managing multiple projects.  If you let them get bored, you might be letting them get away.  So how do you make sure you’ve got them hooked, show younger workers their career path options, give them immediate feedback, including constructive criticism and help them meet their learning and development and goals.  Most Gen Y workers are looking to upskilling and improving.

Donna Morano, Brown Consulting
Donna Morano:
 Support their development, they are really looking to grow and learn, that’s continued, so whether that be internally through leadership development programs or externally depending on what their skill set is, that’s very important to them.

Caitlin Nobes:  For more information on Gen Y in the workplace, including discussion on some common misconceptions.  Check out the links story below.  My name is Caitlin Nobes, thanks for watching HRM TV.

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