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Managing and moving a global workforce

Rajini Sahanandan, Talent Attraction Leader, Talent Networks at KPMG in Canada discusses KPMG's process for moving and settling workers who move between centres.

Video transcript below:

Caitlin Nobes, HRM TV
Caitlin Nobes:
 Whether it’s hiring from overseas or finding international business partners, globalisation is affecting every level of business.  So how does a global company keeps its work force mobile.  I’m Caitlin Nobes, you are watching HRM TV.

When it comes to global business, it takes all kinds, from a small office collaborating with A European counterpart to an international company  dealing with global issues on every level.  So how does a company go about moving staff between locations and across borders.  For KPMG it’s about mobility teams in every centre working together to make the process as smooth as possible.

Rajini Sahanandan, KPMG
Rajini Sahanandan:
 So once an assignment is confirmed there is a number of steps that need to take place in order to move the employee from one country to another.  When you are moving employees across borders it’s a very complex process and so a number of people need to get involved.  

Caitlin Nobes:  From the tax implications of short term stays to finding schools for kids, the mobility team helps with all kinds of details.  Making sure that employees and their families get settled in is also a key part of their role.  Costs covered include flights, visas, extra relocation costs and a spousal allowance.  Staff  could give them the time and support to make their move as smooth as possible.  

Rajini Sahanandan:  In addition to that, every single one of our employees receives 5 pay days off to settle in when they reach their destination.  So the first week that they are in Canada they are on a payroll but they don’t actually come in to work.  Instead they work with our destination services representative to open a bank account, obtain a social insurance number, apply for provincial health care and find a place to live.

Caitlin Nobes:  Moving across borders is never a simple process.  But by supporting not just their employees, but also their families KPMG makes sure their staff can hit the ground running.  I’m Caitlin Nobes, thanks for watching HRM  TV.