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Longer, safer careers with better employee health

Can better lifestyle choices help your employees work better, and longer? That's the message from executive coach and former Maple Leaf Gary Roberts.

Video transcript below:

Caitlin Nobes, HRM Online
Caitlin Nobes:  Some of the biggest issues facing HR professionals include employee stress levels, work life balance and the aging work force.  Could a better wellness program help address some of these risks.  That’s what hockey legend turned personal trainer, Gary Roberts tells HRM TV.

How does participating in your executive program benefit people in their professional, family and personal lives?

Gary Roberts, High Performance Centre
Gary Roberts:  I believe by participating in our program here at the Fitness Institute, our executive program and the executives that have come through here, I believe will tell you that they are more productive, they feel better about themselves in both their professional life and their personal lives.  I think they feel like they have more energy throughout the day, they can accomplish the tasks that are there that day for them and continue to live a healthy lifestyle and pass that on to their family members.

What role does diet/nutrition play in the healthy lifestyle of an employee?

Gary Roberts:  Diet is a huge factor in the overall performance in life and I believe that for players, for professionals, if I can get them eating properly that is the biggest task for most people is being prepared, is eating the right foods at the right times, the right amounts.  It is as big a part of this whole program as the training and if I can get the nutrition in order and I always say if you can get your nutrition somewhat under control, then we can start exercising and the nutrition is a huge part of the program here at the Fitness Institute.

How can a focus on fitness and nutrition help improve and prolong the career of an individual?
Gary Roberts:  Well for my situation, I look at my ability to come back and play and prolong my career when I thought it was over.  I know that has a lot to do with health and fitness and lifestyle choices and no different in the working world.  If you are someone that’s productive every day, that’s active every day, that’s paying attention to the lifestyle choices, I believe they will be more successful or more productive longer in life.