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Inclusive rewards: engagement at every level

Jump Rewards' Peggy Gallerno talks to HRM about why exclusive rewards could alienate team members, and discusses how you can open up your recognition program to engage more employees and departments.

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Video transcript below:

Caitlin Nobes, HRM TV
Caitlin Nobes:
 Are your reward programs alienating employees instead of engaging them?  Find out how becoming inclusive could improve results.  I’m Caitlin Nobes, you are watching HRM TV.
It’s easy to think that any reward program will inspire and engage.  But if your program is too exclusive it could be doing more harm than good.  

Peggy Gallerno, Jump Rewards
Peggy Gallerno:
 One of the common angles where an employee recognition program that tends to make it exclusive is to reward the best.  So the top performer, the highest sales numbers or the department that earns the most money.  The same individuals tend to come out on top time and time again.  When you’ve got one group that’s always being recognised while the rest of your employees are being ignored, the results are often a drop off in morale.

Caitlin Nobes:  Instead of just rewarding top performers, offer prices for most improved and to individuals and departments that are not money earners, such as customer service to acknowledge the importance of their role in the company. 

Peggy Gallerno:  In allowing your employees to recognise their colleagues or even their managers, for a job well done, the more people that you have involved and the more opportunities employees have to recognise each other, this sort of leads to creating a culture of recognition in your organisation and participation levels in your recognition program also increase.

Caitlin Nobes:  By making a program more inclusive, more employees will feel engaged and recognised.  

Peggy Gallerno:  The more people that are involved in recognition within your organisation, the more people will be engaged and studies show that engaged employees are more loyal, they are more productive and they have a greater impact on the company’s bottomline.

Caitlin Nobes:  Inclusive rewards means better results, so make sure all your employees feel appreciated and recognised.  I’m Caitlin Nobes, thanks for watching HRM TV.