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Gary Roberts on fitness and productivity

Former hockey star turned executive personal trainer Gary Roberts shares his insights into workplace wellness, and the ties between fitness and productivity.

Video transcript below:

Reporter:  Gary Roberts is well known for extending a career everyone thought was over through rehab, including fitness and discipline.  HRM TV talks to him about how the same concepts could improve your employees’ lives.

What is the link between fitness and productivity?
Gary Roberts:
 I truly believe by being more fit and active, you will produce more in the office.  So no matter what you're doing for your profession, by living a healthy lifestyle, working out 4 to 5 days a week and paying attention to your nutrition, I believe you would be more productive then and healthier.  

Do you think Canadian companies are doing enough to incorporate corporate wellness programs into their business model?
Gary Roberts:  Well I think Canadian companies overall I believe should be doing more for their employees.  If I was an employer I would want my employee to be healthy, less sick days, I believe paying attention to your lifestyle choices, your nutrition, your exercise schedule - I really do believe that those are big factors in how productive, how productive you are on daily basis, so Canadian companies in my opinion should pay more attention to their employees wellness.

What tips do you have for maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite a busy work life?
Gary Roberts:
 For my executives, the tips that I would give them are being organized, being prepared, sticking to a schedule.  I'm a routine guy, I like to have a schedule, like to look at my week and plug in my workouts and I find the executives here that do that, they're more likely to stick to their program and stick to the lifestyle choices.