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Executive wellbeing with Gary Roberts

Don't have time to workout? Gary Roberts has tips and advice for those whose schedules don't have a lot of spare time - and explains why it's so important to fit in time for health and exercise.

Video transcript below:

Caitlin Nobes, Reporter, HRM Online
Caitlin Nobes:
 When you reach a high level in your profession, the increased expectations and heavy workload make it easy to let wellness slip.  How can Directors, VPs and other HR executives make sure wellness is a priority for themselves and their employees. That’s what HRM TV asked hockey legend turned Executive Personal Trainer, Gary Roberts.

What methods work best for those who travel a lot and may have trouble sticking to a scheduled workout and diet?

Gary Roberts:  So for the executives that travel a lot my advice is, be prepared ahead of time.  Most cities that you are travelling to or all cities you are travelling to, no matter what hotel you are staying in, most hotels have some type of facility, I have take away program, it’s what we like to give our executives here that they can do anywhere whether it’s a hotel room or a small gym inside a hotel.  

Always pack healthy snacks, try to give them tips for healthy choices at restaurants.  It’s pretty simple when you are travelling and when I am travelling, I try to stick to lean proteins, some green vegetables, I don’t eat a lot of carbs when I am travelling and try to make sure I get at least a 45 minute workout in every morning when I wake up.

For clients who are in reasonable shape, what advantage does the executive program have to address other factors such as stress?

Gary Roberts:  I think you know through continuing with an exercise and nutrition program I believe that the executives reduce their stress.  I know for me life’s busy, I have three children at home and a daughter in the university.   Jim we spoke to earlier has twins  at,  twin seven year olds at home and a four year old and he is 51, I am 47, so we are older with young kids at home and I believe that that workout that I get in at least 4  to 5 days a week and trying to stay pretty good on my nutrition enables me to be productive at work and also to enjoy my family life.

What sort of success stories have your executives experienced taking your program?

Gary Roberts:  I would say, Peter Bailey was our first executive here and he came to me in September two years ago and went through this whole nutrition and training, what’s he’s done how active he has been, how successful he has been and I look at the success he has had in the two year period that he has been with us and he was a guy with plus over 30 pounds.  He has his business, has gone up over 30% since he’s joined the fitness institute and been an executive here and as an overall outlook on life, I think he is more productive at work, he is more productive at home and he is living a healthier lifestyle.

Which is more rewarding – working with hockey players or executives?

Gary Roberts:  You know what over time obviously my profession was playing hockey and I have a passion for hockey and helping young players be more successful and have a chance to have longevity in the game, but having an opportunity to spend time with these executives to hear their stories about how they are succeeding in life and at work and how their productivity is going up and how their sales are going up if they are in that business, has really hit home with me also and I have enjoyed working with both the executives and the professional athlete and the younger player that’s trying to be a professional athlete.  

So it’s really been, the same message really applies, it’s how you live your life and how you choose your attitude each and every day, whether you are going to be successful, but I find the players that buy in and the executives that buy in to the whole program and it’s no different for an executive or that player.  It’s an hour and a half a day, you know.  For the professional athlete it’s 6 days a week, for the executive maybe it’s only 4 days a week, but putting that time aside for yourself I truly believe you will feel better about yourself, you will be more productive and your family life will be better.