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Embracing technology in the changing workplace

It's a fast-moving world, and to stay competitive it's key that organizations adapt to changes in technology. Are you embracing new developments, or will you be left behind in the mobile revolution?

In a busy HR professional's day, processes and paperwork can eat up a lot of time. Kronos VP of Operations for Canada Spiros Paleologos discusses how technological advancements can be harnessed to simplify workforce management, and free up your time for more important tasks.

Video transcript below:

Caitlin Nobes, HRM Online
Caitlin Nobes:  Technology is evolving so quickly, it’s hard to keep up personally let alone professionally.  So how can your organisation make the most of new technology?  I’m Caitlin Nobes, you are watching HRM TV.

Keeping up with new development is key to employee engagement and productivity.  So how can you find this new technology to improve work force management?

Spiros Paleologos, VP of Operations, Kronos Canada
Spiros Paleologos:
 Today’s version of work force management technology really is a much broader picture.  Think of it more as work force optimisation, the ability to have a big picture view of not only what the staff within the organisation does, but how it impacts the business.  A manager you know, for example has a full time job, it’s not looking after the staff’s daily requirement.  So when you give them the tools to automate the collection and approval of time, the management of absenteeism, the interpretation of collective agreements, to address union agreements, for example, all of those things now happen much faster in a much less error prone process and they can go back and focus on their day jobs.

Caitlin Nobes:  As technology evolves the needs of your work force are evolving.  Younger workers who can access everything they need to act from their smart phones, expect similar accessibility from their employer, while older workers can benefit from the same access but may need training and support for making most of these technologies.

Spiros Paleologos:  Many companies today face a more diverse work force than they have ever had before.  They have a lot of virtual employees, field employees, globally deployed employees, not necessarily the traditional office or the single location based staff.  Many of our customers are adopting a bring your own device to work policy, just because they have to cater to so many people expecting to use what they are already familiar with.  So mobile applications are a, have been a significant growth requirement over the last couple of years and I see that continuing even more so.

Caitlin Nobes:  Using technology right can be an advantage at all levels of business.  So make sure you are taking advantage of every opportunity.  I’m Caitlin Nobes, thanks for watching HRM TV.