Hays news

  • Is overtime worth it?

    Organizations pushing to increase productivity through overtime could be doing more harm than good.

  • Closing the candidate/employer salary gap

    Even when being conservative, candidates are expecting greater salary increases than they are likely to be offered. How can employers close the expectation gap between new recruits and reality?

  • Women: negotiate for what you’re worth

    Canadian women are paid 20% less than men. What can you do to get your extra 20 cents?

  • Managing the middle

    Performance management traditionally focuses on the high-flyers or those at the other end of the spectrum, but studies show re-thinking the system can help businesses in the long run.

  • CEO onboarding can’t be shirked

    The head of the company, the CEO, is ultimately still a team member – and those in the top job need just as much help before starting a new appointment as do junior staff, a leading recruiter has warned.

  • Temporary workers for the long-term

    How do temporary workers fit into the contemporary workforce, and what are the benefits of hiring them?