Worst HR email gaffes

Worst HR email gaffes

Worst HR email gaffes

According to a recent survey, most executives have committed a common e-mail blunder, and the embarrassing results have ranged from mild awkwardness to full-on humiliation.

Some 78% of execs have mistakenly sent an e-mail to the wrong address, according to a survey by The Creative Group. The respondents also reported the biggest e-mail gaffes they’ve ever seen — or made — at work, including:

  • sending someone’s salary information to the entire company

  • giving a job offer to the wrong person

  • writing a nasty comment about a supervisor, then accidentally sending it to said supervisor

  • calling a co-worker an “idiot” to the entire company

  • accidentally sending an internal memo about “restroom etiquette” to a potential client

It’s a dilemma of the modern age, so take note of the following tips to avoid e-mail embarrassment:

1. Don’t multi-task while writing important e-mail messages. Give writing your undivided attention.

2. Keep the “To:” box blank until the end, then careful choose the distribution list.

3. Review it on a big screen when you can, instead of sending an important message from a smartphone or other hand-held device.

4. Never send an e-mail when you’re angry. You can try writing, but wait until you’ve calmed down to send it.