What's your top talent worth? Olympic performers paid £1

What's your top talent worth? Olympic performers paid £1

As the world watched riveted at the stunning Olympics opening ceremony in London last Friday, most probably would not consider the costs involved in the production.

Apparently, Beatles star Paul McCartney and other top performers including Mike Oldfield, Dizzee Rascal, Underworld and Emily Sande, signed contracts for a token amount of one pound (S$1.9).

"The top talent basically gave their services for free," a London 2012 spokeswoman told AFP. "But in order to have a formal contract for their services you have to show an amount, so that was set at a pound which enables them to have a contractual arrangement."

Sande, who sang “Abide With Me” at the event, joked that she was still awaiting payment to arrive in her bank account.

"I got paid a pound for my work. It's there in print and I know because I signed the contract myself. Mind you, I haven't received anything yet!" she was quoted saying by the London Evening Standard newspaper.

If the fee does not go through, it is hardly going to trouble the likes of top-billing stars such as McCartney, Britain’s wealthiest musician with an estimated fortune of 665 million pounds (S$1288 mil), according to The Sunday Times’ Rich List 2012.

"I don't imagine they're going to be fretting too much about it," the London 2012 spokeswoman said. "We greatly appreciate all of them for giving up their time."