Welcome message to employees panned by Apple haters

Welcome message to employees panned by Apple haters

An Instagram user inadvertently started a row between Apple lovers and haters this week after posting a memo which is allegedly the official welcome message to new employees at the tech firm.

The memo was posted by a user who said the message “is what greets you on your first day at Apple”, and that the employee had it stuck to his desk for two years as ‘words to live by’.

However, not everyone thought it was impressive. Forum users posted comments including:

  • “Is this year’s version of a phone or MP3 player really ‘work that adds up to something’…?”
  • “Sure, a job at Apple could be cool. But let’s keep a teensy bit of perspective. They’re not solving world hunger.
  • “What about new hires at Apple's retail stores? Do they get the same notes?”

While outsiders may or may not agree with the note, one thing is for sure: the note has done its job and people are talking. At the end of the day, there’s something to be said for departing from the typical drudgery found lurking in most welcome notes:

Dear new employee!

Welcome to [company name] and the [department name] team! We’re delighted you are joining us as a new [job title]. Your role is critical in fulfilling the mission of our department.

The [department name] team is here to support your transition, so please know that you can call on us to assist you. We are looking forward to you joining our team and your success at [company name].


[Supervisor’s name]


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