Steve Jobs: Tech visionary with a penchant for nicknames

Steve Jobs: Tech visionary with a penchant for nicknames

This week a senior Apple product manager uploaded his former business card to Geeklist displaying loudly and proudly what many would consider a rather insulting nickname.

Andy Grignon may have instrumental in designing the iPhone, and was even the first person to receive an iPhone call – but to Steve Jobs he was also the company “F***chop”.

[NB: A perusal of online urban dictionary reveals the nickname means “a person who neglects or fails to do what common sense would dictate in a particular situation.”]

Far from being insulted, Grignon went on to have the name printed as his job title on his official company business card, managing to evade detection and hand the cards out as joke.

In a public post, he explained that his business card was automatically approved after two weeks since a manager did not explicitly reject it.

“In the early iChatAV days, one of the many things Steve Jobs called me was a ‘F***chop’. When I got to iPod, I thought it would make a nice title,” Grignon said in his Geeklist post.