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If you’ve ever been involved in recruitment, chances are you’ve seen some awful resumes, but have you ever seen one that involved a car crash diagram? A recent post on Reddit resulted in individuals coming out of the wood-works to reveal the most out there resume blunders (or triumphs) they’d ever encountered, Business Insider reported.

Here are HRM’s most random renegade resumes:

  • Nothing but a picture of the candidate standing next to a limousine. No caption, no explanation.
  • A candidate who stated their hobbies/interests included “Simulating earthquakes by shaking tables.”
  • A five page resume, in which every aspect of pizza making (flatten the dough, put on the cheese) was listed as a separate job duty.
  • A resume where the candidate forgot to put on any contact details or name.
  • A candidate who requested their former boss wasn’t called for a reference, as they had an affair together.
  • A detailed diagram and discussion of a car crash the candidate was in.
  • The cream of the crop - and most offensive of all? A candidate put ‘Hymen Checker on Australian Sheep Farm” as a position they held. When asked about it, he said he wanted to test if people actually read his resume.

Business Insider’s full list can be read here.


  • Kent on 2013-07-26 8:41:58 AM

    I commonly see no contact details on resumes. How am I supposed to contact you if we want to interview you?!? Easy to make the cut though :)

  • Sarah on 2013-07-29 12:19:09 PM

    I just received a 36 page resume for a retail position; the person included a scan of their passport!

  • M_Web on 2013-07-30 7:55:15 AM

    I received a resume where the candidate had the email address as "aslutwhendrunk@..." and the job was for a senior tech position.

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