Pinned down: HR goes social

Pinned down: HR goes social

What brings together almost 300 HR pros to share facts, photos and humour? It’s Stuff HR People Like – an industry themed Pinterest board.

HR executive Angela Hornsby, from the US, started the board as part of a community of HR, organisation development and talent acquisition professionals that networks across a range of social media platforms.

“Pinterest is an interesting way for us to share professional content, but also allows us to share personal interests, humour, and other items that add dimension and color to our online relationships,” Hornsby said. “I receive feedback almost daily from people who like posts, re-pin them, or add comments to individual posts. I have noticed that a lot of HR folks who follow our board have started HR boards of their own.”

Two friends started as co-contributors, and the number has increased so it’s now a group effort. Those following seemed to like the talent acquisition, leadership, and social media information, but it was the funnies that got the biggest reaction

“I have to say that the humour gets the most repins. To work in HR, you have to have a great sense of humour and perspective. It helps to share that with other people who can totally get where you are coming from,” Hornsby said.

Pinterest lets users build multiple boards that can reflect different facets of their personality, from the professional to the personal, Hornsby said.

“[It is] uniquely supportive of enriching relationships online, especially those that are founded on professional networking,” she said.

Pinterest gets 10 million visits a month, making it the third most popular social media site after Twitter and Facebook. However, just 11% of companies either are using, or plan to use Pinterest for marketing and communications.


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