Moment of horror: Accidently hitting ‘reply all’

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It’s the danger lurking in workplaces everywhere – accidently hitting the ‘reply-all’ button for an email containing sensitive information.

UK recruitment agent Gary Chaplin felt the full consequences of his hasty fingers earlier this month when he emailed a condescending and derogatory email to a jobseeker to more than 4,000 email addresses.

Chaplin, who was fired for the mishap, was employed by recruitment firm Stark Brooks and felt he had been spammed by the jobseeker, Manos Katsampoukas.

In his reply-all email, Chaplin said “I think I speak for all 4,000 people you have emailed when I say, ‘Thanks for your CV’– it’s nice to know you are taking this seriously and taking the time to make us all feel special and unique.”

He continued, “If you are not bright enough to learn how to ‘bcc’ ... then please f--k off ... you are too stupid to get a job, even in banking,” and signed it off, “Yours hitting the delete button. Have a nice day!”

The email was eventually traced to Chaplin via his internet provider, and he later told The Sun that his was a moment of idiocy, that he was mortified by what he did and that he meant no offence to the man looking for a job.

Jim Macnamara, Professor of Public Communication at the University of Technology, Sydney, said people had to learn to treat technology as cautiously as a tradesman uses his tools – very carefully, and with an awareness of the protocols and rules.

“We shouldn't blame our tools. There's the old cliché – it's a poor tradesman who blames his tools. Whatever technologies you use, it's a requirement that you've got to learn to use them properly.”


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