Julia Roberts' employee tasered

Julia Roberts' employee tasered

Many HR pros have had to talk to employees whose drunken behaviour at events crossed the line of acceptability. But did you ever have an employee tasered while trying to climb a wall around an A-listers home?

It’s one of those ‘only-in-Hollywood’ stories, but it’s a real situation for Julia Roberts, whose decorator drunkenly scaled the walls of Tom Cruise’s “fortress-like” compound. Jason Sullivan, 41, was reportedly intoxicated at the time and made it into Cruise's private property before being stopped by security guards.

Los Angeles Police arrested Sullivan and took him to hospital after being called to Cruise's home. He was treated for side-effects caused by the Taser.

Neither Roberts nor Cruise commented on the situation.

Sullivan is well known for his work on a range of TV shows and as a regular contributor to Belle magazine. Its editor-in-chief Neale Whitaker, who has become a good friend of Sullivan's in recent years, described the decorator as a "very decent, genuine sort of guy. I cannot speak highly enough of him. This whole incident has come as something of a shock".