Hapless hypnotist and Mommy drug mule: when delegating fails

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In the office, delegating is an important process to ensure everyone has a manageable workload, and that every task is finished to a satisfactory level. However, when jobs outside the office get passed on to a less-experienced team member you can see some interesting results.

All Jesus “Pepe” Fuentes wanted was to go to a rap concert. But unfortunately he had a very important appointment – he needed to pick up 10kg of heroin from his supplier. So Fuentes implemented a back-up plan; he’d send his mother instead.

But the plan became unstuck when after his mother failed to use her turn signal on the way home from the pick-up. Fuentes, his supplier and his mother Ester Carrera are all now facing changes.

In another case of the under-trained under-performing, a 20-year-old hypnotist in Quebec had to call his mentor for help when he couldn’t wake up at least five of the teenage girls he had hypnotized for an end-of-year show at the girls’ high school.

The mentor, Richard Whitbread, described the young man as “handsome”, saying that may have influenced the girls to go deeper into hypnosis.


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