Employees: "It's work's fault I'm unfit."

Employees: "It's work's fault I'm unfit."

The majority of Irish workers point their fingers towards work – not their own poor diet or lack of exercise – for making them unfit, according to a survey conducted by Peninsular Ireland.

The survey revealed that most Irish workers (87%) attribute sitting at their desks as the top culprit for their lack of fitness.

Some 65% of employees think their bosses should offer more incentives to get fit, while 68% of workers blame job boredom for extra snacking while at work.

Alan Price, managing director of Peninsula Ireland, said: “Employees should get up and exercise during their lunch hour, or simply choose the stairs over the lift instead of using their job as an excuse for being unfit.”

“Workers are becoming increasing lazy these days, often sat at their desks all day, not required to move at all other than for the occasional trip to the printer or to make a coffee. This sedentary behaviour seems to be having a negative impact on employees’ health and affecting how much they are able to get done in working hours,” he added.


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