Don't blame the autocorrect: Worst HR typos

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Typing blunders are as ubiquitous as keyboards, but some are definitely funnier than others – especially when other people make them. With this in mind, we present a list of ten of the funniest HR typos other people made.

The first five of these were drawn from a People Management discussion group on LinkedIn instigated by Ken Allison, HR consultant – Paradigm Partners. The last five come from Allison’s blog on Executive HR “My all time Top 10 HR typos” – thanks Ken!

Ten of the funniest HR typos:

  1. T McCloskey: “Changing to a 24/7 rotation and putting in an unpopular rota someone mis-typed the change announcement and instead of introducing a new SHIFT PATTERN they forgot the F in Shift.”
  2. Peter Houston: “I recall drafting a job advert which asked for ‘previous experience of pubic service’.”
  3. Ellen McKenzie: “Recruitment advert in newspaper with additional ‘Cost of Loving’ Allowance!”
  4. Anne Allen: “Time off in loo - from an HR colleague too - unbelievable!”
  5. Janet Webb: “A colleague once set up her automatic e-mail signature with the salutation ‘best retards’. It was a number of days before she realized.”
  6. “Our people are our greatest asses.”
  7. From an employee’s letter appealing against his dismissal: “I’ve been made an escaped goat.”
  8. “Your role demeans the need for excellent working relationships with your team.”
  9. A self-certification form listing ‘genealogical problems’ as the reason for absence
  10. Staff offered an ‘exiting opportunity’ when meant to be offering them something ‘exciting’!

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