Corporate Fight Club

Corporate Fight Club

It’s sort of a corporate social responsibility/ wellness strategy lovechild – a growing number of white-collar office workers are suiting up for “black-tie boxing” … and it’s not just the boys either.

The concept started in the US as an accessible way for professionals to go beyond sparring at the gym and participate in amateur boxing for a good cause.

Tables of work mates have been suiting and frocking up for the black-tie events to go along and watch their colleagues go head to head in 3 x 2 minute rounds.

One organiser of events in Sydney says black-tie boxing steers right away from the traditional blood and gore of boxing. “The people we get signing up to fight are usually men and sometimes women who want to learn how to box, but don't want to go all the way into amateur boxing competitions,” Jonathon Dooner, founder of Sydney-based “Fight Night” said.

So if you’ve ever felt like swinging a punch at work, now you can – plus you’ll be raising money for prostate cancer in the process.