Can’t work, can run marathons

Can’t work, can run marathons

Falling into the “so common it’s no longer weird” category, yet another worker, this time in the USA, has been caught lying about her injuries to get out of work.

They’re the kind of stories that unfairly tar those who have legitimate claims. In May 2009 postal worker Jacquelyn Myers was put on “light duty” with workers compensation benefits because of a back injury. However, over the next year she took part in over 80 long-distance races, including the Boston Marathon. Investigators said her times improved over that year.

Other cheaters who thought they were too clever to catch:

  • Ambulance driver Darrell Slater took a job at a factory while still telling his original employers that he couldn’t work. Investigators filmed him packing boxes, moving a machine, and walking around the plant.
  • An unnamed factory worker who claimed a back injury prevented him from lifting posted the dates for his upcoming rodeo competitions on Facebook – it wasn’t a big leap for his boss to check out the rodeo and find his employee riding a bucking bronco.

  • Farm worker Miguel Gamez claimed workers compensation for an injury to his hand, but it took a doctor just one examination to realize the injury was consistent with hitting someone, not with an industrial accident. Gamez was charged with two counts of orkers compensation fraud – and one charge of spousal abuse.