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Most professionals get a rude shock the first time a message like 'sry i wz l8 4t mtg, my zug wz 10 mins l8'* comes through their inbox.

Yet, with Gen Y now all grown up, many are still left scratching their heads when a seemingly incoherent message appears on the screen, with the full expectation that it will be understood.

Luckily for inboxes everywhere, a new book is soon to hit the shelves, titled Word Up: A Lexicon and Guide to Communication in the 21st Century.

Mark McCrindle's dictionary of so-called youth 'slanguage' is aimed at helping bewildered parents, employers, educators and those left out in the cold by the Ys, to decode how today's youth routinely communicate.

Based on extensive social research into the emerging generations, Y and Z, the new book also contains chapters tracking the evolution of the English language, and includes topics such as the most annoying Australian workplace and political clichés, 21st century "netiquette", and the globalization of language (yes, with a z!).

Some of the words defined in Word Up include:

  1. Boyakasha - Expression of delight, used for something very good.
  2. Noob - noun. Inexperienced person, newcomer. Originating in gaming communities.
  3. Pwnage - noun. Act of dominating or convincingly beating someone, a computer gaming term. 
  4. Saffa - adjective. Coolest of the cool.
  5. Wobble roo - noun. Road kill.

*Sorry I was late for the meeting, my train was 10 minutes late.

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