Amateur office detective catches fruit-stealing cleaner

Amateur office detective catches fruit-stealing cleaner

An easier solution may have been to put the fruit away.

Nevertheless, an office worker in the US wasn’t about to give away his right to keep fruit on his desk without a fight.

The office worker turned Sherlock Holmes set up a web cam on his desk to catch the light-fingered cleaner red handed. Then, after obtaining the video proof, the worker made a screen saver with screen grabs and a message for the fruit-thief:  “Stop stealing my things or I will report you.”

In the first slide of a YouTube video, he introduces the problem. “Fruit was disappearing from my desk. It went on for about a month, before I got fed up, and set up a webcam.” He then shows several shots of passers-by who saw the message, before including an image of the cleaner’s priceless reaction upon seeing it.


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