A 21st century quandary: grant botox leave?

A 21st century quandary: grant botox leave?

Faking a sickie is so last year. ‘With-it’ companies are now offering employee’s legitimate time off to attend beauty appointments in an apparent attempt to deter staff from taking ‘sickies’.

A report by UK cosmetic surgery provider the Harley Medical Group said many of its clients attend weekday appointments having taken time off with the full knowledge of their employer. Two hours of leave have been allocated to image-conscious staff to stymie unauthorised leave.

Recruitment company Blue Skies told the Daily Mail that organisations are right to be original with their incentives, and while ‘botox leave' sounds quirky, if businesses are adopting this incentive there is obviously a call for it. “In the current market, giving people time off for endeavours that suit their lifestyles can be a cost-effective way of incentivising staff if budgets do not stretch to other more obvious benefits,” a representative from Blue Skies said.

Yet botox leave is just the beginning of new-age trends in leave. According to a benefits survey by Mercer, in France some workers who have been employed for two years may apply to take unpaid leave for up to a year (!) in order to start a business. If they return, they're entitled to get their former role and salary back.

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