Recruitment coordinator
Woodbine Entertainment Group

As a recruitment coordinator at Woodbine Entertainment Group, Pavlo Farmakidis certainly knows how to hook people – for example, by arranging a Pokemon Go Job Fair. In this innovative program, Farmakidis worked to set up three ‘PokeStops’ and a ‘Pokemon Gym’ at the Woodbine booth and hired two expert Pokemon Go players to set ‘lures.’ The lures attracted people from all walks of life to Woodbine’s booth, where he could let them know about current vacancies at the company. The tactic drew nearly 500 avid player candidates in search of employment.

Farmakidis’ strategy was featured on several popular online news sources, and the ingenuity he displayed by tapping into one of the most immersive technology crazes of 2016 demonstrates how HR can get creative with recruitment strategies, while giving a major boost to their employer’s brand among new entrants to the job market.