HR business partner
DAC Group

Change is constant in business, and Brad Fernandes understands this all too well, given the transition initiatives he has been involved with and his experience working with different leaders. For the past year, DAC Group, a digital marketing firm, has made significant revisions to its corporate policies for all the North American offices, transitioned to a new performance management program, introduced new payroll standards and launched a new HRIS, all of which Fernandes has contributed to on top of his regular responsibilities.

Beyond the programs and tools, Fernandes has provided support to the VP of HR following his transition from a general manager role, for which he is greatly commended: “I have a strong reliance on Brad for insight into our DAC community and for all things related to HR best practices. Not only has Brad been an extraordinary HR practitioner, he has an incredible passion for the profession. That love for HR shows and translates well to our staff, who find him very approachable and an internal ‘go-to’ person for matters pertaining to human resources.”