Marie-Josée Guilbault

Vice president of organization and culture
Cirque du Soleil

People around the world dream of working at Cirque du Soleil – the jobs that exist with the entertainer are some of the most enviable in the world. This awe-inspiring organizational culture did not happen on its own, but under the leadership of Guilbault. While positions at Cirque can be very demanding, Guilbault ensures that they are also rewarding by allowing employees to experience different facets of production and even offering the chance to work on new shows as they develop. In addition, she strives to make life as comfortable as possible for traveling staff, offering such amenities as physical therapy, chefs who prepare every meal and fun parties where employees can let loose and socialize. The rest of her recipe for success is simple. “If you want to be excellent, if you want to go further, hire people who have some kind of passion, and then just put a bit of magic in it,” she says.