The Keys to Leadership Engagement

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Today’s C-suite executives are looking at profitability through an entirely new lens—one that focuses on people, purpose, and passion and engagement. I’m not simply referring to employee engagement; I’m referring to leadership engagement -- the leader’s capacity to embody a natural enthusiasm for their job and for their organization. Capacity is the amount and quality of energy you have available to put to use and is based on your life attitude and awareness – how you see yourself and others and how you interact. Here are three keys to boosting your capacity and engagement as a leader:
  1. Develop an acute level of self-awareness  
Learn what your default tendencies are—the most typical way that you react to your circumstances. Understand your perceptions and how you filter information. Know how these tendencies relate to your thoughts, beliefs, values, and how you see yourself. Consider these reactions, perceptions, and filters and how they change at varying levels of stress. How often do you focus on what’s wrong and find yourself in a reactive mode? How often are you excited, regardless of any challenges, and remain positive about what’s right and what’s to come?
  1. Ask and listen
How often do you really sit back and listen to what employees are saying -- not just their words, but their mannerisms and attitudes as well? Again, just become more aware and you’ll take the first step to intervening in a positive manner.
  1. Be a coach
Being a coach doesn’t mean advising others on what you want done or how you want things done. Being a coach means engaging their greatness, Share what you’ve learned about yourself and ask for ways to improve. Coach them to be more self-aware and encourage positive communication.
As you take responsibility for engagement, you become more engaged. Sustainable positive engagement is internally driven and externally supported and works for employees and for leaders. Even with just a few modifications in your leadership style, you’ll succeed at engaging your own greatness – and the greatness of those around you.
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Julie Anne Christoph, CPC, ELI-MP, School Director, iPEC Canada, helps individuals and teams create the outcomes they desire, both personally and professionally. She is also a Certified Professional Coach and trainer with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), provider of the top-rated ICF-accredited coach training school, and originator of the Core Energy Coaching™ process – the most effective leadership framework and change process in use today. Visit or call 866.72COACH for more information.  

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