Opinion & Best Practice

  • Culture club: Does Your Company Culture Determine Success?

    What makes an organization successful? Canadian entrepreneurs Bruce Croxon and Jason Atkins say it’s a no-brainer: culture is the key predictor of success

  • ​More than just talk: engaging employees with better communication

    Jackie Goldman will be speaking at HRD’s Leaders Summit in November, outlining Canadian Tire’s employee engagement program and the positive outcomes it offers not only the corporation but others looking to adopt similar strategies. For more information, visit hrleaders.ca.

  • Ownership and accountability at every level

    ​HRD is pleased to announce Fadel Chbihna as a speaker for the November HRD Leaders Summit. The industry veteran outlines his team’s two-year efforts to decrease employee attrition and improve customer satisfaction by empowering 7,000 front-line workers. For more information, visit hrleaders.ca.

  • Opinion: Motivating workers in tough times

    Keeping employees engaged and motivated can be an uphill battle in difficult financial times. Aaron Green, vice president of applications at Oracle, shares his tips for keeping the organization on track.

  • Attrition abated: Telco giant shares HR secrets

    A Canadian telecommunications giant has masterminded a complete overhaul of its entire front line customer service workforce using HR strategy, and its secrets are here for all to share.

  • Blog: The 3 big lies in the reward and recognition space

    Are your reward and recognition providers lying to you? HR blogger Paul Hebert takes on the industry’s biggest lies.

  • Exclusive: HR guru David Ulrich - 'say nay to the naysayers'

    HR guru Dave Ulrich reflects on why some people still hate HR and provides some suggestions on how to promote positive views of the best profession in the world.

  • Five ways to boost workplace diversity

    Is your organization talking about diversity, but not taking enough action? HR leader Dennis Fong shares his award winning diversity strategy.

  • Siemens: Strength in Diversity

    As a multinational player with operations in over 190 countries around the world, it’s no surprise that engineering/electronics giant Siemens has made diversity and inclusion a key focus area. Global chief diversity officer Denice Kronau has introduced a number of initiatives to ensure Siemens stays ahead of the pack.

  • Blog: Everyone must be exceptional

    If not everyone can be the best, should HR stop focusing on top performers? Canadian HR leader Jane Watson offers her insights.