UK top choice for work

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The UK is the top choice for Greeks who want to move abroad, according to a report by Intelligence Group and

Amidst significant economic woes in their country, more than 55% of Greek workers would consider moving to the UK, the survey revealed. The second choice of destination for a move was Germany at 43%, and the US was the third most popular prospect at 42%.

The top reasons stated by the respondents for their hopeful move were improved career opportunities (70%), a better standard of living (63%), and the chance to start a new life (31%).

Greece unemployment has hit a record high of 22.5% mid this year, up from 16.2% last year. Over half of young Greeks are unemployed. Compared to this, the UK economy is doing much better with a more positive outlook for the labour market in particular. The number of jobs there went up by 76,000 between March and June this year.


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