Singapore: Rising up to the Millennial challenge

Singapore: Rising up to the Millennial challenge

Singapore: Rising up to the Millennial challenge

Singapore’s travel and hospitality industry is seeking to attract more young Millennials into the sector as the industry continues to grow.

According to a study by Duxton Consulting that aims to understand the mindsets of these young workers, it was found that the industry will need to tap into their desire for momentum, meaning and sense of urgency in order to attract them.

“Millennials have tremendous self-belief and drive,” said Laurenz Koehler, Managing Partner, Duxton Consulting. “They need to feel they’re constantly moving forward, mastering new challenges, making an impact, being recognised for their results – and they want everything immediately. You could say Millennials are ready to change the world – as long as their world revolves around them.”

The report found that Millennials perceive that the travel and hospitality industry does not pay well, offers work that is of low-status with poor professional image, and does not value education and skills.

It is also revealed that the Millennial demographic wants to feel that they are moving forward in their career, have meaning in their work, and have a certain status where they feel significant.

Koehler recommended that the industry should position itself better in order to change perceptions and address Millennials’ needs. Apart from showing new hires a clear path for career growth, personal development and training, employers should also provide constant performance feedback and take a collaborative rather than a top-down approach.

“Millennials are extremely confident, they work well in groups, and are eager to prove themselves,” said Koehler. “However, the sector needs to rebrand itself as employers of choice by first understanding and addressing what drives Singapore’s Millennials.”