More “naked resignations” among Chinese workers

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While Chinese workers are generally known for their diligent and hardworking nature, the term “naked resignation” is increasingly becoming more common in China.

The catch phrase “naked resignation” means quitting a job without having another one in the works. According to a recent survey by Global Times and, almost half (43%) had done, or were considering “naked resignation”.

Among them, more than half explained that the main reason for this was the lack of satisfaction and happiness at work.

Job analysts say that one factor that has led to “naked resignation” is the change in mindsets of Chinese youth, especially those in the post 80s generation. These young workers value career satisfaction and work-life balance, which is a marked difference from the older generation.

In another survey by Qianjiang Evening News to investigate the phenomenon of “naked resignation”, 48% of respondents preferred to stay at home due to the heavy workload and poor salary, while 27% considered their current jobs valueless and meaningless, so they would rather resign and study more.

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