Germany’s package to attract foreign talent

Germany’s package to attract foreign talent

Germany has drawn up a policy package to attract more foreign talent including doctors, engineers and other professional needed urgently by local companies.

The package will call for changes in immigration laws and will introduce new talent test systems that will help attract qualified foreign doctors and engineers, said Labour Minister, Ursula von der Leven.

The new package might also reform the minimum wage for foreign workers, reported Xinhua. Currently, foreigners must earn €66,000 or over US$94,000 annually in order to work in the country. The proposed package will lower this minimum wage to €40,000.

In addition, von der Leven said that the German government might consider abolishing the priority test, under which local labour offices need to check if a German qualifies for a vacant position before offering it to a foreign professional.

Germany’s Education and Research Minister, Annette Schavan said that the government will also “simplify law related to the recognition of foreign degrees”.