Foreigners keen to work in the Philippines

Foreigners keen to work in the Philippines

The reputation of the Philippines as an expat-friendly location is getting more widespread with more workers around the world keen to work there.

In a recent survey by the US Chamber of Commerce on the Association of ASEAN Business Outlook 2012/2013, some 40% of American firms in the Philippines said they regularly receive requests from employees based in other parts of the world to work there.

This is an increase from 21% in 2011 and 15% in 2010.

When American firms were asked “Are your expatriate employees generally satisfied with their assignments in your response location?”, 100% said yes. This is an increase from 93% to 2011 and 86% in 2010.

The survey also revealed that more employees also want to stay in the Philippines longer. Some of the main draws for expats here include its positive relations with the US, availability of skilled manpower, low cost of labour and lease costs.