HR Strategy

  • Get a CHRP and earn more perks

    New research has highlighted that HR managers with Certified Human Resources Professional Credentials (CHRP) earn more and have enhanced workplace opportunities than their counterparts. read more

  • Induction Part II: Horses for courses

    A common shortcoming of many induction or ‘on-boarding’ programs is a failure by HR to adequately tailor the process to meet the needs of the wide variety of circumstances from which new candidates have come. read more

  • Canadian firms lag in skills training

    Your organisation may or may not be one of them, but new research has revealed that most Canadian companies are lagging far behind international standards in terms of investing in skills training. read more

  • Induction programs Part I: Have you got a good one?

    If you’ve used the expression “you will be expected to hit the ground running” in your job advertisements, chances are your induction program consists of a quick office tour – but in the war for talent and retention, first impressions count. read more

  • Pssst! Gossip essential ingredient of healthy workplaces

    New research has turned advice from mothers everywhere on its head – a little gossip can be considered a ‘pro-social’ interaction and is an essential ingredient of happy workplaces. read more

  • Messy desks may boost workplace efficiency

    While businesses and office managers often impose ‘clean desk’ policies and tout work efficiency and productivity as the reasons, new research from Germany has threatened to turn office neat freaks into a tizz – the findings indicate that being surrounded by mess can allow people to think more clearly. read more

  • Customer-service employees: love ’em or lose ’em

    The message from a major new report is that if you have staff involved in customer service you better get them engaged and trained up: the alternative could be loss of competitiveness, an increase in your staff turnover rate and even longer-term business failure. read more

  • Redundancy, survivor guilt and its long-term effects on your organisation

    Companies often focus only on those who are retrenched with little or no attention paid to those left behind. However, as Dr Hilary Armstrong writes, research shows that survivors of retrenchments and restructures can exhibit behaviours that result in reduced productivity, low engagement and absenteeism. read more

  • Succession planning rated top concern

    Succession planning and strengthening the leadership pipeline are the top talent concerns for corporate executives throughout Canada, according to a new study. read more

  • Casual dress at work: In or out?

    Nearly two thirds of HR professionals support casual dressing on Fridays – and CEOs are increasingly agreeing that relaxing the dress codes at the end of the week makes good sense. read more