What HR topic matters most to you?

What HR topic matters most to you?

What HR topic matters most to you?

Are you struggling to keep employees beyond basic training? Or have concerns about making costly legal mistakes?

The first HRM readers' survey aims to find out the most important issues facing Canadian HR professionals, and you still have four weeks to take part.

Preliminary results show HRM readers are focused on four specific areas – employment law, learning and development, leadership development and retention.

Asked to rate a range of options on a scale of one to five (with five being most important) employment law took an early lead, and has maintained it, with an average score of 4.40. It’s an area that can be very sensitive – between federal legislations and differing provincial rules it seems like you need a law degree just to hire someone these days. HRM already has a range of people with law degrees contributing to weekly legal stories.

And if you’re not interested in employment law, don’t forget to take the survey, so HRM’s editorial team can make sure your needs and the needs of the industry are being met.

Take the survey here: surveymonkey.com/s/33ZL6PS


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