What Gen Y wants: how to attract this year’s grads

What Gen Y wants: how to attract this year’s grads

What Gen Y wants: how to attract this year’s grads

You’ve got entry level positions to fill and potentially plenty of grads applying, so what’s new with these grads? Plenty, says an Adecco survey released recently. The researchers talked to 22 to 26-year-olds graduating with a four-year degree, who are now entering the workplace.

Short-term outlook
A third of those surveyed expected to stay in a job for no longer than three years over the next ten years. Just three per cent said they expected to stay in any one job for more than five years. And if they don’t like the job? One-fifth said they’d move on within three months and 91% said they’d only stay for up to a year.

Easy come, easy go
A whopping 94% would be willing to move to a new city for a job. Motivators for moving include higher pay (73%), a job with their dream company (59%) or a job offer in their dream city (51%).  There’s also little leeway for pay cuts. Two out of three recent grads would leave their current position if their salary was cut – and almost one in five (18%) would hit the road if they were assigned work that didn’t interest them.

High expectations
While the majority (58%) think their expectations are low or reasonable, the same number expected to receive most of a list of 15 job search related factors such as good culture, prestige and benefits. Top expectations included good health benefits, job security and opportunities for growth and development.

And if your social media rules are tight – no Facebook at work, for example – you could be losing 38% of applicants at the door as more than a third of those surveyed say would not take a job they were otherwise interested in if they were not allowed to engage in certain activities.


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