The parallels of online dating and tech talent recruiting

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Search vs. Sourcing

In order to find that perfect online match or candidate, you have to actually play the field and do some active searching. When browsing an online dating site you must actively search the database for potential matches that embody certain qualities and criteria you may be interested in such as age, gender, ethnicity, interests, hobbies, pets, location, etc. But to be very clear, these qualities and criteria (specifically age, gender, and ethnicity) are non-factors during recruiting which reinforces a fair and legal hiring process.
When recruiters are sourcing for candidates, the process is comparable to searching profiles in online dating sites. Recruiters are actively searching various databases to find candidates that meet specific benchmarks above in “profile vs. setup”. These include benchmarks such as employment history, education, leadership experience, certifications, special skill sets and abilities like languages, and extracurricular activities.  

Qualifying vs. Screening
Once you’ve found a potential match that embodies the qualities and criteria you were searching for, the next step is to send a message and open up direct communication. Either through direct messaging, texting, or phone call you prequalify the potential match for behavioral qualities that are aligned with your own. You take note of how they react to things on the spot – their sense of humor, seriousness, flirtatiousness, sincerity, and any other characteristics that help maintain a harmonious relationship.
There’s really no difference when it comes to screening candidates during the recruiting process. The initial screen, or behavioral descriptive phone interview, consists of skill-based and behavioral competency questions that evaluate and score candidates on a wide variety of conditions. Some of these conditions may include the ability to problem-solve, work in teams, or work in a specific type of culture or atmosphere. Other conditions may be their level of creativity, critical thinking, and ability to multitask.  The purpose of this screen is to further confirm that the information in the candidate’s profile matches the conversation and confirms a match for the role.

First Date vs. Scheduling


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