The parallels of online dating and tech talent recruiting

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The best date of my life began with the match of online dating profiles of two complete strangers and ended just before midnight on a Saturday. As an executive recruiter who specializes in matching job prospects with open positions, the connection between my personal and private life hit me as I arrived on my front door step with a stomach full of butterflies and the biggest smile ever on my face.
After a long week of recruiting talent for a Fortune 100 company and reflecting on how it all happened, I can’t help but recognize a direct correlation between online dating and recruiting. Although the correlation may not seem as evident on the surface, allow me to unveil the nearly identical steps that both a courter and recruiter would take to find the perfect match. 
Profile vs. Setup
Much like an online dating profile, in recruiting, you have to put your best face forward. When finding a potential match on a dating site, you are looking for an intriguing profile that stands out from the crowd. Their interest, hobbies, and activities must offer insight into what would make them an ideal match.
When finding potential candidates during the recruiting process, recruiters are looking for profiles of individuals that offer insight into what would make them an ideal candidate. Things like education, skill sets, experience, and accolades all play an important role in sparking a recruiter’s interest. All things considered, the profile in both cases is the window to showcase what the potential match or candidate has to offer.
Search vs. Sourcing


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