Ten ways to turn your staff into teammates

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  • “No blame system”
    A “no-blame rule” shifts the focus from blaming to collaboration, Benjamin said. It’s a point supported by Maher, who said having the confidence to fail and learn from failure was key to the success of an individual and a team.
  • Recognize and reward
    “Give genuine praise generously and specific to how a staff member’s work is helping the team,” Grow said. “Giving praise that speaks specifically to this end is another way to bring people together – moving them from a feeling of individuality, to a feeling of unity.”
  • Encourage peer recognition
    Allow and encourage staff to give each other feedback and to speak up when something is doing well. You want your team to be self-sustaining, even if you’re not there to deliver recognition.
  • Communicate communicate communicate
    Teams that fail to communicate end up wasting time and energy repeating tasks, or have to rush important aspects. Communication is key for efficiency and accuracy, but that doesn’t mean endless meetings. Establish a system that suits your team. Whether you utlize an online project management tool, or have group progress updated by email, it’s important that all group members know what stage they are in.
  • Don’t forget fun!
    We did say it wasn’t all about trust falls, but sometimes those extracurricular plans can make a difference. It doesn’t need to be a weekend retreat or boot camp style event. A group outing to play pool or a highly competitive game of paintball will remind everyone that the team attitude is not just a 9-5 hat they wear, and will help them get to know their colleagues on a personal level.

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