Telework: end of the office affair?

Telework: end of the office affair?

It’s common enough to see workplace romances developing – a recent survey in Britain found two-thirds of people have had a romantic liaison with a colleague while a quarter met their current partner in the workplace. But what about those who work from home? Are teleworkers missing out on the chance to meet a special someone?

Not necessarily – they might just be developing a coffice romance in their neighbourhood. Nope, that’s not a typo – it’s a phrase introduced by New York Post freelancer Dvora Meyers, who wrote in the New York Post that coffee is bringing teleworkers together.

"Welcome to the 'coffice' romance — which is just like an office romance but without cubicles, water coolers and health insurance,” Meyers said. “It’s the sort of quasi-workplace flirtation and romance that takes place in a freelancer’s office away from the office — at the local cafe."

Not sure how you would start a conversation? Don’t worry – The Post has that covered for you. Sam Title, who founded the online community The Coffice, said there was an easy way to break the ice. “You can walk up to anyone — male or female — and ask them if their Wi-Fi is slow.”

And, as one commentator was quick to point out, there is much less awkwardness when it doesn’t work out, compared to a bad ending to a relationship with a colleagues. Another advantage for HR in encouraging telework?