Should all foreign workers be trained on their rights?

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As media reports of misuse and abuse in the temporary foreign worker program increase, it is clear that there has not been enough oversight of the program.
Some HR professionals want to see the government offer additional support and training to foreign workers.
“The federal immigration authorities and provincial labour departments need to collaborate to ensure that every single temporary foreign worker is aware of his/her rights and how to enforce them,” said HRM reader An, who also wanted better processes and protections in place for those who complained.
“The federal government needs to consider a method for ensuring that temporary foreign workers who complain in good faith are not deported upon being fired (which will happen) and can get another job. Otherwise, financial dependent workers will never complain.”
Reacting to reports from B.C. of workers being paid next to nothing, and paying for their own entry into the country – which is illegal under the current program – other HRM readers suggested general legal training for small business owners.
“I also think that small business owners and employers who have very few employees, local or foreign worker also need to be trained on employment law,” Mal wrote. “It must be mandatory for all business owner to pass a preliminary test on employment law before they are provided with a business number.”
  • Janis's on 2014-05-10 3:32:21 PM

    Caveat emptor for anyone using these programs.

  • Tom from Burnaby BC on 2014-05-10 8:06:50 PM

    Definitely the employers role is to train workers in all their rights.

    since the employers are bringing in foreign workers so not to hire Canadians at a fair living wage it should be Definitely the employers role is to train workers in all their rights.

    wake up local and federal governments in canada.

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