Retirees, LinkedIn unite to connect employers with older workers

Retirees, LinkedIn unite to connect employers with older workers

Older workers are vital to an organization. From knowledge transfer, to improved loyalty and retention – the over 55s are key to maintaining standards. And as the population ages, we’re likely to be relying even more on that mature workforce.

When it comes to older workers there’s good news and bad news. The good news is the unemployment rate is low; the bad news is that when older people find themselves out of work it can take twice as long to find work.

That’s what the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) wants to change, and they’ve got a high-powered partner in their scheme – LinkedIn will be working with the organization to launch and maintain Work Reimagined, a social networking platform offering advice and job listings.

"It used to be that you could sit around in your pajamas and send out job résumés," says Peggy Northrop, editor of Work Reimagined. "Today if you are not engaged in social media in some way you are not really looking for a job. And it is more than posting your resume on a job site or having a LinkedIn profile. It's having an active social-media profile."

As the global economy has yet to stabilize, many older workers and retirees are looking to work longer or find part time work. With fewer people over 50 using social media and online networking, they’re at a disadvantage when it comes to applying for jobs, and many fear they will be discriminated against because of their age. Work Reimagined aims to help people build a presence on social networks and create a community where people can share information.

More than 120 employers have already signed up the Work Reimagined pledge, committing to eliminate age discrimination in their recruiting process.