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The future of advertising job roles and receiving applications is set to undergo a major transformation as tech companies seek to transform the recruitment process.

Recruitment has come a long way since placing ads in newspapers – but even now the more familiar process of placing an online ad is heading for the history books as new software hits the market.

According to recruitment software designer, Domenic Saporito, HR can soon expect to place job advertisements with QR codes. Prospective candidates may simply scan the code using their smartphone to instantly download the full job description and contact details.

Saporito has been working on new software called MyRecruitOnline, which is one of the first programs to include the ability to accept an SMS from an applicant to initialize a job application, conduct online first-round video interviewing, and a live chat system.

Allowing for a completely automated system which has the ability to send, receive and process an SMS as part of the application process is pioneer territory in the recruitment space, despite text messaging already being part of automated reminder servicing, and even ticketing processes.

“An applicant can send an SMS to the recruiter or company to register his or her interest in the position and will receive an SMS back with specific information about the application process. Similarly, a temp can be sent a job request via SMS and can reply via text message as to their availability,” Saporito said.

But HR can also expect to see other advancements, including the use of so-called ‘recruiter avatars’, which streamline the HR process for recruiters by automating many key tasks.

Via the set-up of an avatar, recruiters will be able to create virtual versions of themselves in the system to make decisions and act automatically on their behalf, eliminating administration time.

A recruiter does this by setting up rules that reflect their personality and the way they want their business and processes to operate - the system takes over and alerts the recruiter via email, SMS or live chat if something needs attention.

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