Parents held back by inflexible employers

Parents held back by inflexible employers

Parents held back by inflexible employers

Flexible hours, telework, mobile workers – alternatives to the nine to five are making headlines throughout the media. However, it seems some companies haven’t received the memo.

New research shows two-thirds of parents would like a job that included part-time or flexible work hours to help them balance their caring responsibilities.

UK charity Gingerbread surveyed more than 1,000 single parents, whose top priorities included finding an understanding line manager, flexible or part-time hours and a workplace close to their child’s school or nursery.

“Single parents want to work, provide for their family and be a role model to their children but are being held back by a lack of jobs that enable them to work flexibly,” Gingerbread’s chief executive Fiona Weir said.

“More jobs that are flexible and accessible to all prospective staff plus affordable, modern childcare options could transform the lives of millions of working families across the UK, not just single parents, and offer real benefits for employers and our economy,” she added.

The charity also held focus groups, which indicated a trend for “bumping down” careers – where parents chose to reduce their responsibility and higher pay for flexible working arrangements.

Weir said flexible working practices, including work-from-home options and flexible hours, had benefits for businesses too. Higher employee morale, retention and productivity are all related to telework options.


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